Case Study

Disco Bowl


Disco Bowl is a popular bowling alley franchise in the UK, with branches in Nottingham, Lewisham (London), Banbury, Worcester, and more. Offering DJ nights, themed events, and specials deals on bank holiday weekends, Disco Bowl is a great place for families and groups of friends alike. Apart from bowling, Disco Bowl also gives visitors the chance to try the aptly-named Disco Darts, and even karaoke! With a wide range of party food, beers and cocktails, Disco Bowl is a social hub for the communities it serves.

The problem

Despite the overwhelming popularity of Disco Bowl, they hadn’t caught up with technological advances in the wake of the pandemic; as such, they had a website but were not using a digital booking system. Instead, customers had to book through the venue manually by phoning their switchboard or appearing in person and booking via a hard copy calendar. As you can imagine, this made booking in advance much more difficult to navigate for visitors. As a result, some customers were discouraged from using the venue, and Disco Bowl couldn’t reach as wider an audience as they would’ve liked. The importance of an online booking system cannot be overstated. Today, most people book activities online, and so venues without the ability to book online are not well known and can even go undetected by the general public. Furthermore, in the wake of the pandemic, the necessity of an advance booking system was greater than ever; each venue could not guarantee the health and safety of their customers without one.

How we solved it

We knew that, by implementing the Booked it booking system across their sites, we could increase customer footfall, the prominence of their online presence, and even the number of repeat bookings they received. Each branch of Disco Bowl has their own website, giving customers details of all the special offers available, food and drinks menus, and the ability to book online through our own Booked it portal. By making customer aware of their prices and themed events, as well as making it far easier to book slots in advance, Disco Bowl have managed to increase their bookings by 21% and their spend-per-head by 18%. These are remarkable stats over such a short period of time!


Simon Moppett, the Director of Disco Bowl, has praised our innovative software solutions. Simon said of Booked it: “the technology is great and [our] engaged audience has been fantastic to drive new customers through the door.” The increase in bookings at Disco Bowl has been a fantastic opportunity for the brand, and it has been an amazing opportunity for us to work with one of the UK’s most exciting bowling alley brands!

  • Date November 11 2021
  • Client Name Riverside Bowl
  • Industry Bowling