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Build a loyal base of members


Advanced data and tracking on your members


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Digital and Physical Membership Cards

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White labelled options that can be added into any website. As well simple redemption process on tickets, bookings and ordering.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a membership management system?

A membership management system is a software suite designed to effectively manage contacts and relationships with members, subscribers or customers. It provides data-gathering tools and analytics, which allow businesses or organisations to make more focused and appropriate decisions when it comes to marketing their services.


For hospitality venues like restaurants, hotels, gyms and more, a complete membership management system can include features such as:


-A comprehensive membership database that stores profile information of members

-Analytics & reporting functionalities for tracking customer activity

-Website & email marketing capabilities for enhancing member experience

-User interface tools & communications for greater efficiency in managing customer accounts

-Customer support services to effectively resolve any issues faced by customers.


In short, a good quality membership management system helps streamline communication between businesses or organisations and their members by allowing them access to various services in one centralised platform. This makes it easier for companies to optimise the personalised experiences they offer members while ensuring the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

What is the difference between CRM and membership management software?

The distinction between CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software and Membership Management Systems (MMS) may appear to be subtle, but there are significant differences that you should understand when making an informed decision for your hospitality venue.


A Customer Relationship Management system is a business-focused tool designed to improve customer service by helping organizations manage interactions with their customers more effectively. It allows businesses to store contact details including names, phone numbers, emails, addresses, etc., which can then be used for promotional activities such as email campaigns or targeted ads. A CRM also helps businesses keep track of customer inquiries, complaints and support requests in addition to sales and marketing efforts.


On the other hand, a Membership Management System is specifically designed for membership organisations or associations that need to collect data about members such as age range or gender demographics in order to gain insights into their target audience so they can deliver better products and services tailored toward those needs. MMSs allow clubs and organisations with paid memberships or subscriptions to manage member registration processes online while keeping track of payment information securely using payment gateways like PayPal or Stripe. They also provide useful features such as event registration systems which help organisations plan successful events easily by quickly collecting registrations from participants via mail list subscriptions; feature reporting capabilities that show detailed analytics on engagement with different membership services over time; and automated order fulfilment systems that streamline the process of managing product orders placed online from customers who have purchased items from the club’s site storefront.


In conclusion, while both CRMs and MMSs help stores manage customer relationships more efficiently through automation tools and insights gained through data analysis; CRMs are primarily focused on understanding customers’ interactions with a company while MMSs offer specialised membership management features catering towards subscription-based models favoured by clubs due its ability to facilitate recurring payments without manual intervention.

What are the benefits of membership scheme to a businesses

Membership schemes offer a great way for businesses to retain their customers and increase their recurring revenue. Such schemes have become increasingly popular in the hospitality industry, allowing customers to pay monthly fees and receive special access and discounts.


Membership schemes can help businesses build stronger customer relationships by offering exclusive experiences that subscribers wouldn’t get otherwise. This entices regulars back month after month, making it easier for them to stay loyal and engaged with the business in return for rewards such as loyalty points or exclusive access to premium services.


Memberships also give businesses an effective way to drive extra revenue through quiet months when visitation is down. Having more members means more income month over month, which can help bring in new customers during times of low patronage or sales slumps due to external circumstances beyond your control like holidays from tourists or bad weather etc….


With membership schemes, you can also reward existing members with exclusive content such as VIP events or first-access opportunities on new products/services — all of which helps create buzz around products/services they may not have known about before. This makes membership programs especially beneficial if you’re launching a new product/service that needs some extra marketing attention until it takes off on its own.


Finally, having members join your booking system is a great way for hospitality venues like restaurants and bars to reduce their no-show rate while still generating additional income throughout the year without suffering from last-minute cancellations.

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