About Booked it

Booked it was formed to revolutionise the hospitality and leisure industry with innovative customisable technology and creative value-led marketing solutions.

About Booked it

Our Story

Our story starts with Licklist, founded in 2015 as a community for the nightlife industry to come together. By 2020 we had 600,000 users, £6m in gross annual sales and 6000 nightlife venues listed. Our Licklist brand is stronger than ever. But we wanted to enhance our services.

In 2019 we began offering booking management software for the business to business market across the leisure, travel and hospitality industry. Things really fired up in 2020 when we helped hundreds of venues get ready to reopen post lockdown with technology like mobile ordering and table reservations. We took pride in helping small businesses transition into a new way of working, putting them in a position to allow them to not only survive, but thrive.

We now have over 600 businesses using Booked it that see on average a 19% increase in bookings and 13% increase in spend per head.

Hospitality and leisure venues in the UK have gone through an unforeseen but necessary transformation since the COVID 19 pandemic began. We understand that because our business has evolved too.

Through Booked it, we’re ready and able to equip hospitality, travel and leisure businesses like yours with the tools and knowledge you need to navigate this new world. We continue to create specialist software for the sub sectors of each part of the leisure and hospitality industry, continually adding features that help our clients drive sales.