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Increase spend per head and reward your customers

Why venues love Booked it loyalty

Increase spend per head

Increase spend per head

Booked it loyalty increases your customers' spend per head by over 13% on average.

Increase dwell time

Increase dwell time

Dwell time increases by an average of 23 minutes with Booked it loyalty.

Drive loyalty and frequency of visit

Drive loyalty and frequency of visit

With Booked it, you can reward customers with every transaction and keep them coming back.

Customers connect their card on the app and earn points with every transaction

A customer is rewarded every time they make a card payment. And because Booked it has an agreement directly with Visa and Mastercard, there is no need for any hardware or integrations.

  • A customer doesn’t have to change their behaviour
  • Points are added in real-time
  • Customers are incentivised to spend more money and reach the next reward
  • Drives loyalty and retention
Contactless Payment From Card to Mobile POS Point of Sale System
Earning 100 Points Using Mobile App to Book Ticket For Wrexham A.F.C.
Mobile Data Tool Average Visits Per Month
Mobile Phone App Displaying Customer Loyalty Data Statistics

Allowing you to understand customers like never before

Booked it is the most powerful data tool on the market, allowing you to understand your customers on a deeper level to drive loyalty and provide your customers with a more personalised service.

  • Analyse your best customers by spend
  • Analyse your best customers by no. of visits
  • See how long your customers spend in the venue and run campaigns to increase it
  • See what venues your customers also visit

Not just card transactions. Reward customers for bookings and other interactions

Reward customers with 10 points for every £1 they spend on tickets, bookings and ordering. 50 points for writing a review, 100 points for sharing your event, 10 points for tagging a photo, you set the rules!

Why choose Booked it?

More reasons to choose Booked it

Fully GDPR compliant

Fully GDPR compliant

No GDPR headaches to deal with.

No hardware or integration needed

No hardware or integration needed

Customers link their existing payment cards- and that's it!

Physical cards are dead

Physical cards are dead

Physical loyalty cards don't work for busy venues and busy customers.

Card payments are thriving

Card payments are thriving

Drive loyalty every time your customers use their linked Visa or Mastercard.

Increase the frequency of visit

Increase the frequency of visit

With an easy to use loyalty programme, increased frequency of visits follows.

Email, SMS and push notifications

Email, SMS and push notifications

Sophisticated, data driven campaigns all in one place.

Simple Pricing



To list your venue

And always will be

  • List your venue on the app.
  • Run rewards.
  • Increase spend per head and loyalty.




£ 0

£ 49.95

Monthly fee

Per 500 transactions

  • List your venue on the app.
  • Run rewards.
  • Increase spend per head and loyalty.
  • Full analytics and data dashboard access (desktop & app).
  • Run campaigns (email, SMS, push notifications).

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a loyalty scheme do?

A loyalty scheme is an incentive program offered by retailers and other businesses to attract and retain customers. Such programs are designed to encourage repeat business, offering rewards for those who display a consistent level of brand loyalty.


The key idea behind the loyalty scheme is offering something extra in exchange for long-term support from customers. Typically, this could mean offers such as discounts on purchases, exclusive deals, or special promotions at certain times of the year. Most often these are communicated through mailers and emails but can also be found using digital marketing strategies like online campaigns or targeted ads on social media platforms.


Loyalty schemes work by tracking customers’ behaviour over time leading to reward points when certain thresholds are reached – usually executed with an associated card (physical or digital) which records customer activity wherever they make a purchase within that particular company’s network of stores/outlets across many countries. Rewards may come in various forms such as discounts or cashback incentives depending where it is used, allowing members to redeem them against future purchases in order to receive better value than what non-members would get access to.


Ultimately, loyalty programs have become essential tools for businesses to build deep connections with their customers while also providing huge benefits for loyal customers themselves; adding value each time they shop at their favourite retailer within their network.

How do loyalty schemes make money?

Loyalty schemes are an increasingly popular way to help businesses make money, as they provide customers with an incentive to keep returning. When customers are enrolled in a loyalty program, they tend to spend more money on each purchase than if they were not enrolled. This increased spending can lead to a significant boost in revenue for a business since customers receive rewards or discounts when they reach certain milestones.


Additionally, loyalty schemes can act as a marketing tool. Not only do they incentivise customers to come back and spend more in order to earn rewards or discounts but the data collected through these programs can then be used by marketers to better target their promotions and increase customer lifetime value (CLV). Marketers may analyse the loyalty data such as frequency of purchase, type of item purchased, and amount spent per transaction in order to gain insight into their customer’s behaviour patterns which helps them identify trends and create targeted offers that will drive conversions.


Finally, loyalties incentify members – both new members who join with the promise of future rewards and existing ones who know that their continued patronage is beneficial for them. With so many benefits associated with loyalty programs, it is no wonder why so many businesses have adopted this type of scheme – it provides customers with convenience through single sign-on, allows them to earn points that can be redeemed over time for things like discounts or products/services incentives while simultaneously giving companies access into valuable customer behaviours analytics which helps them create personalized offers based on these insights – all translating into tangible incremental revenues earned from happy loyal customers!

What makes a good loyalty Programme?

A good loyalty program should focus on rewarding customer loyalty by offering discounts, value and special incentives. This helps to create excitement and entice customers to remain loyal to your business as they are aware of the rewards that await them.


When establishing a loyalty program, it is important to ensure that you make it convenient for customers to join and redeem their rewards. Simplicity in terms of earning points and converting them into tangible rewards can also help garner more repeat customers. Rewards need not always be monetary; social currency such as exclusive access to events or previews of products helps build a strong relationship with your customers and keeps them engaged with your brand.


Furthermore, providing customised experiences or surprise gifts when members reach certain levels of loyalty points shows appreciation towards the customer’s commitment to the brand, which goes beyond discounts or regular promotions. Reward tiers would enable members to have greater benefits based on how much they spend at each tier making sure those who spend regularly receive better offers than other less frequent shoppers helping differentiate between different types of buyers while making all feel valued depending upon their engagement level with the company’s offerings.


Finally, introducing special bonus offers such as double point days (or similar) encourages spending while helping drive foot traffic during slower months or times during the day/week when foot traffic is usually lower.


Adopting these practices will help build a successful loyalty program for businesses which will attract new customers while retaining old ones through value-based rewards ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.

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