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See below the various marketing solutions Booked it has to offer

Advocacy & Influencer Marketing

Advocacy & Influencer Marketing

Turn your customers into advocates to promote your brand on your behalf.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media done properly. The only bulk messaging tool on the market.

Automated Marketing

Automated Marketing

Time is precious, our automated marketing tools free up precious time.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Retarget your customers to increase the number of relevant touch points.

We help nightlife, hospitality and leisure businesses increase footfall

Incentivise customers to share with their friends

Turn your customers into advocates to drive word of mouth marketing. Customers earn points for sharing on social media and direct messaging their friends.

Reward your customers with free tickets, drinks, merchandise or competition entry. More shares = more sales. Make your brand go viral.

Event distribution

Distribute your event to over 30 different event listing sites at the click of a button. Sales and bookings are done in one place to simplify managing finances and availabilities across multiple platforms.

Listings drive inbound links to your website to improve SEO. This service is completely free when you use our tickets & bookings solution.

Competitions & Contests

Run competitions to capture data and drive awareness. People can share across social media for extra entries.

Run different giveaways to drive extra awareness and social media engagement. More awareness = More data = More sales.

Social media

Use Booked it to schedule posts across all of your social media channels. Integrations with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin.

Use the shared calendar to manage across multiple members of your team. Have the final say and approve any posts from other staff members.


Automatically sync all of your data with Facebook custom audiences to run highly targeted campaigns.

Also add your Facebook pixel and Google Ads tag to remarket to your customers across all of the web.

Create New Social Media Marketing Campaign Pop-up

Send targeted messages across all channels

  • Email

  • SMS

  • Push Notifications

  • Whatsapp

  • Facebook Messenger

  • Instagram DM

Influencers & Brand Ambassadors

Use Booked it to understand your most influential customers and turn them into Brand Ambassadors.

Browse a network of over 11m global influencers. Filter based on location, interests and engagement to find micro influencers suitable for your brand. Use Booked it to run and manage influencer campaigns across Instagram, Tik Tok and YouTube.

Management Screen: influencer contact lists and campaigns across Instagram, Tik Tok and YouTube
Automated Marketing Funnel From Prospects to Customers

Automated Funnels

  • Automate marketing across all channels and all interactions

  • Birthday campaigns

  • Abandoned carts

  • Transactional triggers

  • Behavioural & Spending triggers

Frequently Asked Questions

What are marketing strategies in hospitality?

With the hospitality industry becoming increasingly competitive, hoteliers, restaurant, and bar owners need to develop effective and strategic marketing techniques in order to engage with customers and drive bookings. There are several strategies that can be employed for marketing within the hospitality sector – some of which include building partnerships, hosting events, and competitions, implementing Influencer Marketing campaigns, optimizing SEO and using social media platforms effectively.


Building relationships with other local businesses is a great way to increase visibility for your brand. Offering incentives or discounts to related companies will likely result in increased customer flow for both you and them; this could also generate recurring business as customers become more familiar with your brand/venue over time. Furthermore, partnering up with external recruitment agencies or universities is a great approach when it comes to targeting professionals or students who may require accommodation during their studies or job searches.


Hosting special events at your venue can be an innovative way to draw attention from potential customers; whether they’re themed activities or exciting packages for existing clientele – such as offering spa treatment vouchers – these tactics often go down well among target audiences. Similarly creating competitions via digital platforms like Twitter or Facebook can help create an interactive experience around your brand while providing opportunities for people to win prizes associated with your hotel chain!


Influencer Marketing has been gaining traction more recently – by having Instagram stars endorse hotels and restaurants on their posts (often by simply visiting/staying overnight), these marketing campaigns have proven successful in driving increased levels of bookings due to heightened exposure through trusted influencers. This type of advertising ensures authenticity towards the product itself since influencers promote venues out of genuine appreciation rather than paid endorsements alone – thus conveying loyalty amongst followers towards the brand itself!


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is another important factor when it comes to being found online through different search engines such as Google – making sure that websites rank high on SERPs helps attract potential guests seeking accommodation near specific locations during certain periods e.g ‘hotels near London during October etcetera… Having customer reviews available alongside informative content about services available at each site further reinforces the prominence of said venues on popular web browsers so make sure you encourage guests to leave feedback post-stay!

On top of all this, don’t forget about social media outlets like Instagram & Twitter; if leveraged correctly these channels can prove highly effective when trying reach new demographics e..g through sponsored ads/posts regarding seasonal offers made available at hotels etcetera… Therefore setting aside time & resources each month devoted solely towards optimising digital presence should do wonders in terms generating further interest which translates into higher revenues come check-out day!


Overall there’s no one-size-fits-all formula when it comes to creating successful hospitality marketing strategies however understanding what works best depending on context is certainly key here so why wait? Start promoting today & watch those occupancy rates skyrocket!!

Why is influencer marketing important in the hospitality industry?

In today’s digital age, influencer marketing has become increasingly important for the hospitality industry. By partnering with an influencer, hotels, restaurants and bars can get their brand in front of potential guests who may not be aware of them otherwise. In addition to increasing exposure and awareness, influencers are great for helping to boost bookings as well. Influencers have a loyal following that looks to them for recommendations and advice on where to stay or dine while traveling. They can also promote special rates and offers on their channels, generating additional customers for businesses in the hospitality sector.


Beyond direct booking boosts from promotions and offers, collaborating with influential people is also beneficial for creating affinity with consumers who follow them online; when they see content created by an influencer featuring your property it creates a positive association between the two which could lead to increased brand loyalty down the line.. Additionally, working with social media personalities allows you tap into communities that you may not have had access to before—allowing you target those who are specifically interested in travel-related content or services related to your business’ field(s).


Overall there many reasons why leveraging the power of powerful social media figures is so beneficial for businesses such as hotels or restaurants/bars; namely increased brand visibility & loyalty amongst current & potential customers plus boosted bookings through special rates/deals shared by these individuals lending their influence!

What are the benefits of social media marketing in the hospitality industry?

Social media marketing is a powerful tool for businesses in the hospitality industry, including bars, restaurants, and other venues. By engaging with customers on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, businesses can gain numerous benefits.


One major advantage of social media marketing in hospitality is increased awareness. These platforms allow businesses to quickly and efficiently share information with large audiences, resulting in improved brand recognition and exposure. Over time, this can lead to increased sales.


Another benefit is improved customer engagement. Through social media, hospitality businesses can effectively interact with customers by asking questions, conducting polls for feedback on services or menu items, and encouraging customers to share brand posts. Additionally, social media provides opportunities for customers to tag friends and participate in conversations about events or specials at the business’s venue.


Engaging with customers through social media provides a competitive advantage by building loyalty among existing clients and attracting new potential clients. By using targeted advertising based on detailed demographic data, brands can reach potential customers who are interested in their products or services.


Social media pages also offer opportunities for reputation management. Companies can respond quickly and professionally to negative reviews and provide additional context when necessary. Positive interactions between guests/customers and businesses on social networks increase transparency in customer service operations.


Ensuring your company has a strong online presence will increase bookings and sales by reaching the right audience. These benefits highlight why social media presence is crucial for all types of hoteliers and restaurateurs. In today’s digital era, connecting directly with consumers is essential for success.



What our clients say about us

Tim Howard: Marketing Director at The Deltic Group

Tim Howard

Managing Director at The Deltic Group

We see Booked it as a perfect partner due to its social community, innovative technology and large reach across the UK.

Stephen Sullivan: Head Promoter at Glitterbomb Events

Stephen Sullivan

Head Promoter at Glitterbomb Events

We moved from Eventbrite to Booked it in 2019 and haven’t looked back. Simple to use, wider reach, great automation. It’s a no brainer.

Dan Stone: General Manager at Notting Hill Arts Club

Dan Stone

General Manager at Notting Hill Arts Club

Booked it is by far the best ticketing solution we have ever used. Our events appear all over the web, we sell more tickets and automate a lot of our direct marketing.

Nathan Cable: Co-Founder at Party Hard Travel

Nathan Cable

Co-Founder at Party Hard Travel

We partnered with Booked it back in 2018 and they provide all of our technology to our 25,000 customers across 7 party resorts. From package and ticket sales through to RFID wristbands to track attendance in resort and increase spend per head. It’s been a complete game changer for our business.

Simon Moppett: Director at Disco Bowl

Simon Moppett

Director at Disco Bowl

Booked it built us a bespoke solution to handle bookings and lane management for our 8 sites across the country. The technology is great and their engaged audience has been fantastic to drive new customers through the door.

Jukebox logo

Nathan Healey

Jukebox LDN

We have been using Booked it for our tickets and booking system for a while now. The smooth running technology they use has made us a lot more organised.

Judson Alphin: Advisor Plush Oxford Bar and Club

Judson Alphin

Plush Oxford

The Booked it loyalty solution has been amazing for us, it is a great way to build relationships between our customers and see’s them earn rewards in the process. Everyone is happy that way.


Simple Pricing


Marketing Tools

  • Rewards
  • Event distribution
  • Competitions
  • Social Media
  • Retargetting


Per 1,000 emails & Social Messages

  • HTML email creator
  • Full Stats and Analytics
  • Hundreds of templates to choose from
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Instagram DM
  • WhatsApp
  • Telegram


Per 1,000 SMS

  • Choose your own sender name
  • Inbound SMS available
  • Keyword and shortcodes available

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