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Easy to use WiFi

Plug & Play

Plug & Play

Good to go straight out of the box

Capture Data

Capture Data

Capture data from every customer

Gain more followers

Gain more followers

Incentivise followers with every login

Branded landing page with promotions

Customers see a branded landing page when connecting. Allowing you to promote your brand or any upcoming events

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Extra Benefits

Load Balancing

Load Balancing

Automatic Triggers

Automatic Triggers

Social Logins

Social Logins

Fully integrated with the Booked it CRM and marketing tools

Make the most of the data you capture from wifi and use Booked it to trigger automated email and sms campaigns as well as retargeting across social media.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is WiFi important in restaurants?

WiFi is increasingly becoming an important part of restaurants. With more and more people relying on the internet for information, staying connected has become essential in all aspects of our lives – even in restaurant settings. As a business owner or manager, you should consider installing Wi-Fi at your establishment if you haven’t already done so.


WiFi allows customers to be connected while they’re dining at your restaurant, which can increase sales as well as customer satisfaction levels. For instance, customers are more likely to stay at your restaurant longer if they have access to WiFi, which means that they may purchase additional items while there. Additionally, businesses or students may want some extra time to finish up their work and groups of friends may also wish to stay longer if they’re able to connect with their friends via social media channels – all leading them towards buying more items from your establishment.


You can also use free Wi-Fi as a marketing tool by allowing guests to connect and then directing them to a review page before exiting where you could offer discounts or free desserts as incentives for leaving reviews after their visit – making it easier for guests since they were already connected using Wi- Fi service provided by the restaurant. Overall having WiFi available in your place of business can lead towards increased sales due being able to attract customers who need an online connection and incentive others through marketing strategies simultaneously while providing a quality service that will make them come back!

Why is WiFi important in the hospitality industry?

WiFi has become a vital amenity in the hospitality industry for both guests and hoteliers. Free and fast WiFi is a key factor that influences guest satisfaction, making it essential for hotels to offer reliable internet access.


For guests, WiFi helps them stay connected with friends and family while traveling. Moreover, with remote work becoming increasingly popular, quick and reliable internet access is crucial for business travelers who need to work from their hotel rooms. It also assists travelers with planning tasks such as booking tickets or accessing local information; this not only enriches their trip experience but can help them save money by avoiding expensive international data roaming charges.


From the perspective of hotel brands, offering free WiFi enables innovation and personalised services that distinguish their brand from competitors’. A recent survey revealed that nearly 75% of travelers consider free and fast WiFi essential when selecting a hotel – making it one of the most sought-after amenities in hospitality today.


In summary, free wifi is an indispensable feature that enhances traveler experiences while aiding hotels in delivering better services to customers around the globe. It’s no wonder why WiFI has become so important in the hospitality industry!

What Is WiFi Marketing?

WiFi marketing is a great way for restaurants and other businesses to capture customer data, understand their behavior, and create effective targeted promotions. It works by redirecting customers to an authentication page (also called a “gate”) when they try to connect to your WiFi network. Here, customers can enter their email address or social media accounts in order to gain access.


By doing this, you can start collecting important customer data such as who visits your restaurant, how often they visit, how long they stay (their “dwell time”), what location they visited and which offers were sent and redeemed. With this information, you can create tailored messages that will be more likely accepted by the customer—a discounted coupon when he/she arrives at the store or a thank-you note when leaving it.


Another advantage of WiFi marketing is its capability to identify potential loyal customers—those who keep returning over time. This allows business owners valuable insights into analysing their regulars’ spending habits and preferences so that they can tailor even more personalised promotions for them in order to drive loyalty further.


On top of all these features mentioned above there are many other benefits that come with implementing WiFi marketing systems such as improving customer experience & satisfaction levels while reducing operational costs associated with traditional loyalty cards like printing costs & lost card replacements etc., not only giving the business better insights but also promoting cost efficiency in the long run—thus making it an attractive solution for any business looking forward maximize revenue through improved efficiency & effectiveness of its operations.


What our clients say about us

Tim Howard: Marketing Director at The Deltic Group

Tim Howard

Managing Director at The Deltic Group

We see Booked it as a perfect partner due to its social community, innovative technology and large reach across the UK.

Stephen Sullivan: Head Promoter at Glitterbomb Events

Stephen Sullivan

Head Promoter at Glitterbomb Events

We moved from Eventbrite to Booked it in 2019 and haven’t looked back. Simple to use, wider reach, great automation. It’s a no brainer.

Dan Stone: General Manager at Notting Hill Arts Club

Dan Stone

General Manager at Notting Hill Arts Club

Booked it is by far the best ticketing solution we have ever used. Our events appear all over the web, we sell more tickets and automate a lot of our direct marketing.

Nathan Cable: Co-Founder at Party Hard Travel

Nathan Cable

Co-Founder at Party Hard Travel

We partnered with Booked it back in 2018 and they provide all of our technology to our 25,000 customers across 7 party resorts. From package and ticket sales through to RFID wristbands to track attendance in resort and increase spend per head. It’s been a complete game changer for our business.

Simon Moppett: Director at Disco Bowl

Simon Moppett

Director at Disco Bowl

Booked it built us a bespoke solution to handle bookings and lane management for our 8 sites across the country. The technology is great and their engaged audience has been fantastic to drive new customers through the door.

Jukebox logo

Nathan Healey

Jukebox LDN

We have been using Booked it for our tickets and booking system for a while now. The smooth running technology they use has made us a lot more organised.

Judson Alphin: Advisor Plush Oxford Bar and Club

Judson Alphin

Plush Oxford

The Booked it loyalty solution has been amazing for us, it is a great way to build relationships between our customers and see’s them earn rewards in the process. Everyone is happy that way.


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