Manage your bookings with: Booktivity

There’s a new way to manage your bookings. Our new app is fully integrated with Booked it’s suite of services, but with a twist; it is tailor-made specifically for the leisure and activity industry.

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Why Booktivity?


Unlike our competitors, Booktivity provides your business with software made specifically for your industry, by people with an intimate understanding of your industry – Booked it.

Free exposure

The Booktivity app is free to list your venue on. By listing your venue on the app, you are joining a growing community of venues, and your business can be found by millions of potential customers.

More bookings

That’s the main thing, isn’t it? Using Booktivity, you can answer enquiries, automate your alerts and reminders, set your availability, meaning you’ll see both an increase in your bookings and footfall.

Manage your listing

Using the handy dashboard, you can keep your listing up-to-date with all the latest information from deals and offers to opening times and venue information. In this way, your listing on Booktivity acts as an extension to your actual website, but it’s more easily accessible to customers as they won’t need to specifically search for your venue – it will be automatically suggested to them by the app’s algorithms.

Fully integrated with Booked it

The Booked it suite of tools is familiar to you by now. With our loyalty scheme, cashless solutions, marketing and CRM tools, as well as our industry-leading bookings and ticketing solutions, the only thing that could improve your overall experience of our services any more would be a handy app through which you can communicate directly with customers, and they can communicate directly back. That’s where Booktivity comes in.

Available on both iOS and Android

Forget the endless Apple vs Android debate. Using Booktivity, you don’t have to take sides, as the app is available on both platforms. This means you can increase your customer base beyond just Samsung users. The app means that you can utilise push notifications to your advantage, giving updates to your customers even when they aren’t using the app.