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Streamline your takeaway ordering process

Many of venues introduced takeaway for the first time during lockdown. This new revenue stream has been so successful that they’re keeping on offering takeaway as an option, either with click and collect or home delivery. If you’re already using takeaway or it’s a service you’d like to introduce, Booked it technology can make it efficient and easy for both your venue and your customers. Our fully comprehensive takeaway ordering system removes the need to process orders over the phone, freeing up staff for other activities. Manage your orders in real time through the dashboard.

Customers order with you online when it’s convenient for them, and don’t get put off by a busy dial tone. With Booked it, a customer can click and collect their next coffee, or have a takeaway from your place with minimum fuss.  Let your customers order through your website, or with a unique branded URL- the choice is yours.

Takeaway Website on Laptop Displaying Customised Ordering Screen

Takeaway- your way

Choose from a fully customisable integration into your website or your own branded URL. The checkout process is simple, customers select a collection or delivery time, choose their food and drink, then pay. All details are stored to make it even easier for customers to make takeaway orders again in the future.

Manage orders from your dashboard

You have access to your own dashboard to have behind the bar or in the kitchen. See orders come through in real time and mark them as complete once they have been actioned. You also have the ability to amend and refund orders too.

Takeaway Booking Application Management Dashboard Displaying Customer Orders
Takeaway Ordering Application on Laptop Displaying Customer Details

Insightful marketing

Capturing customer details such as name, email, mobile number and DOB enable you to deliver insightful marketing campaigns. A treat on their birthday via email, a SMS special offer on their favourite food- with the right data, your campaigns can be targeted, useful and successful.

Fully integrated loyalty programme

Booked it loyalty has been proven to increase spend by 13%. How? Your customers earn points for every £1 they spend with rewards on offer when they reach a set number of points. As well as driving loyalty, this customers tend to spent extra to reach their next reward. With new regulations and a highly competitive market for hospitality and leisure, loyalty is paramount to business success.  

Takeaway Ordering on Mobile Displaying Customer Loyalty Programme

Fast payouts 

Booked it make a daily payment at midday. This includes all your takings for the previous 24 hours. For example, all of your takings from Saturday will be processed at midday on Sunday.

Cost effective pricing

Forget mammoth set up fees and huge fees per transaction, there are no set up costs at all with Booked It and our fee is 4.5% transaction. Either absorb this cost as a business or add it to your customer’s bill by way of a transaction fee. For example, the transaction fee for your customer on a £20 order would be 90p.

Simple Pricing


Per Transaction

  • Choose to absorb yourself or add onto the customer
  • No contracts
  • No set up fees
  • Set up within 24 hours

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a takeaway ordering system?

A Takeaway ordering system is a revolutionary platform that allows customers to place and manage orders online from the comfort of their homes. It can be used by restaurants, cafeterias, food delivery services, etc., reducing the need for in-person visits and enabling businesses to serve more customers with greater efficiency.


From a customer’s perspective, this system can drastically simplify the process of ordering food – allowing them to browse menu items online and order items without having to visit the restaurant or cafeteria in person. Customers often have the option of customizing their order as well as selecting home delivery or pick-up options depending on their convenience. Such systems also spur loyalty amongst frequent customers – providing offers like discounts, coupons, etc., which they cannot ordinarily avail offline due to a lack of record keeping.


On an operational level, takeaway ordering systems provide several advantages as well. Allowing customers to place orders via mobile phones or computers reduces customer wait times significantly while improving productivity for businesses due to its automated features such as payment processing integration and real-time order tracking capabilities which help save time compared with manual processes. The ability for restaurants/cafes/food delivery services to respond quickly results in satisfied customers – offering great potential for increased sales volume through referrals and repeat purchases given great service quality indeed!


In summary, takeaway ordering systems offer numerous benefits such as increased efficiency & productivity coupled with improved customer satisfaction – all helping businesses take advantage of an ever-growing digital world! So why not make use of this new technology today?

How does a takeaway ordering system work?

A takeaway ordering system is an online service that allows customers to order prepared meals from a restaurant as takeout or delivery. As an integrated solution, the system typically includes a restaurant website, mobile app, and payment gateway so customers can place orders directly through their phone or computer. The takeaway ordering system then sends customer orders to the kitchen staff of the restaurant with real-time updates on food preparation status.


When a customer places an order through the takeaway platform, all relevant details such as delivery address, time for pickup/delivery etc., are entered into the system. Once all necessary information is received by the restaurant’s kitchen staff they will begin preparing and packing up the meal for pickup or sending out for delivery if requested. For deliveries, restaurants may use third-party services like Uber Eats where they have to accept any changes in driver availability during peak hours of operation etc., which can be managed within the Takeaway ordering software itself as long there is no manual intervention required from users in order to keep up with advancing technology seen today in this industry.


Payment processing works similarly regardless whether you choose pick-up or home delivery option; when you enter your credit card number into secure checkout page on your device it gets routed directly through payment gateway associated with online Marketplace provider (Ex: PayPal) which processes consumer’s transaction securely without giving away his/her personal banking information stored anywhere else except providing necessary details specific to transaction taking place only between two parties involved hereby keeping entire process safe from cyber fraudsters. After successful completion of said transaction amount due will get credited instantly back onto user’s account balance thereby allowing him/her go ahead with purchasing fulfilment without any hiccups whatsoever.


Overall takeaway application serves both restaurants as well consumers by providing them reliable yet convenient way placing orders across different modes of transportation either physically (pickup) or electronically (delivery). Not only does it provide expedited response times but also drastically reduces overhead costs associated traditional methods seen earlier since no longer need dedicate labour just handle same task while still giving users freedom make choices based on their own preferences making process truly efficient one!

Does my takeaway need an online ordering system?

Yes, your takeaway should absolutely be offering an online ordering system. In today’s digital world, it has become standard for customers to expect the convenience of being able to simply order their food online and pick it up when ready. With more people turning to online shopping as their preferred method, if your restaurant isn’t offering some type of online presence you’re likely losing potential customers to competitors who do offer this service.

Fortunately, there are now multiple affordable services available such as Booked It that can give restaurants access to a wide range of customisable options at competitive prices. For example, many companies have all-in-one platforms that provide restaurants with radio dispatch systems for taking orders; e-commerce capabilities for accepting payments; POS/tablet integration; loyalty programs; customer feedback surveys and more—all in one platform.

These types of platforms make it easier than ever before for even the smallest takeaways to add robust online ordering systems so they don’t miss out on those critical sales opportunities from customers looking to eat at home or grab something quickly while on the go. And since these services are generally subscription based and often require no upfront hardware costs or setup fees, it makes adding this level of convenience even easier on constrained budgets.

In short: having some form of an online ordering system is now essential for any successful takeaway business wanting stay competitive in today’s market — and thankfully there are plenty of low cost options available so you won’t break your budget getting started!

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