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Understand your customers

Understand your customers

The Booked it CRM system enables you to understand your customers like never before. Analyse each interaction on a granular level to make informed decisions.

Build personal relationships

Build personal relationships

Once you understand your customers' needs and preferences, use this information to provide a more personalised service, making your customers feel special and important.

Email, SMS and push notifications

Email, SMS and push notifications

Segment your customers based on their preferences and interactions, then use these segments to run targeted campaigns in the form of email, SMS and push notifications.

CRM Reviews and Feedback Customer Ratings

Reviews & feedback

After a booking, trigger automated emails and messages to encourage feedback and reviews. Differentiate customers that have had a good experience from those that have had a poor one. Use negative feedback constructively to improve your business.

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A powerful dashboard that is full of insight​

Take your business to the next level with insightful and intelligent data

Booking System CRM Displaying Bookings and Enquiries Sales View

Communicate directly with your customers from the dashboard

Use the dashboard to receive and respond to emails. Include attachments and even save your own templates to respond to messages and emails quicker.

Booking System CRM Example Customer Enquiry via Chat and Email System
Social Media Messaging Icons, Facebook, Whatsapp, X (Twitter) and Instagram

Whatsapp, Messenger and Instagram DMs

Manage all social messaging from one dashboard. Both inbound and outbound to respond to queries and send marketing messages. Sync your inboxes and start immediately.


Advanced features

Customer segmentation

Customer segmentation

Segment your customers by spend, visits or habits.

Personalised marketing

Personalised marketing

Improved ROI on highly personalised marketing campaigns.

Advanced reporting

Advanced reporting

Detailed reports enabling you to understand your customers like never before.

Competitive comparison

Competitive comparison

Benchmark your business against your competition.

GDPR compliant

GDPR compliant

All data captured and stored is not only secure but also GDPR compliant.

Customer support

Customer support

Dedicated account manager to get the most out of your CRM.


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What our clients say about us

Tim Howard: Marketing Director at The Deltic Group

Tim Howard

Managing Director at The Deltic Group

We see Booked it as a perfect partner due to its social community, innovative technology and large reach across the UK.

Stephen Sullivan: Head Promoter at Glitterbomb Events

Stephen Sullivan

Head Promoter at Glitterbomb Events

We moved from Eventbrite to Booked it in 2019 and haven’t looked back. Simple to use, wider reach, great automation. It’s a no brainer.

Dan Stone: General Manager at Notting Hill Arts Club

Dan Stone

General Manager at Notting Hill Arts Club

Booked it is by far the best ticketing solution we have ever used. Our events appear all over the web, we sell more tickets and automate a lot of our direct marketing.

Nathan Cable: Co-Founder at Party Hard Travel

Nathan Cable

Co-Founder at Party Hard Travel

We partnered with Booked it back in 2018 and they provide all of our technology to our 25,000 customers across 7 party resorts. From package and ticket sales through to RFID wristbands to track attendance in resort and increase spend per head. It’s been a complete game changer for our business.

Simon Moppett: Director at Disco Bowl

Simon Moppett

Director at Disco Bowl

Booked it built us a bespoke solution to handle bookings and lane management for our 8 sites across the country. The technology is great and their engaged audience has been fantastic to drive new customers through the door.

Jukebox logo

Nathan Healey

Jukebox LDN

We have been using Booked it for our tickets and booking system for a while now. The smooth running technology they use has made us a lot more organised.

Judson Alphin: Advisor Plush Oxford Bar and Club

Judson Alphin

Plush Oxford

The Booked it loyalty solution has been amazing for us, it is a great way to build relationships between our customers and see’s them earn rewards in the process. Everyone is happy that way.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CRM Booking system?

CRM Booking system is a powerful and essential tool for any business. It is an online booking and customer relationship management (CRM) system that helps streamline the process of creating, managing, and tracking bookings while overseeing interactions with customers. This comprehensive system can help you optimise marketing campaigns, allocate resources more efficiently, and improve customer satisfaction.


The best CRM Booking systems like Booked IT, provide multiple functions including contact management, task scheduling, document customization and email automation. This allows you to easily build relationships with your clientele by automating routine tasks like appointment reminders or payment reminders to keep customers informed about their proceedings. You can also collect feedback from customers in real-time using surveys or polls to continually improve your services over time.


The integrated features provided by a good CRM booking system enable full oversight of the complete customer lifecycle – from lead generation to sales conversion to post-sale support – for an efficient workflow process across all departments within an organization. By leveraging analytics such as purchase history or lead sources, businesses are able to develop personalised strategies for targeted marketing that maximise ROI potentials while minimising spending costs on irrelevant audiences or demographics.


Overall, the implementation of advanced technologies such as a CRM booking system will create significant operational value allowing businesses of any size – big or small – grow their reach without having to invest substantial running costs into manual operations associated with handling booking needs traditionally each day.

What are the benefits of an integrated CRM & Booking system

Having an integrated CRM and booking system can bring numerous benefits to hospitality businesses. An integrated system allows businesses to capture customer data in one place, giving them much better visibility of their customers’ behaviours, preferences, and history. This helps them create highly targeted marketing campaigns that are tailored to the individual needs of each customer, which leads to higher engagement and conversion rates.


Additionally, automation solutions built into the CRM help reduce manual data entry efforts while making sure there is no risk due to data entry errors. This leaves more time for businesses to focus on providing excellent service and optimizing their business processes for maximum efficiency. Automated email campaigns and promotions also become much easier when all the customer information is stored in one centralised location – allowing you to personalise messages quickly without needing a lot of extra resources or effort.


Overall, having an integrated CRM & Booking system ensures that hospitality business owners have access to valuable insights about their customers that they need for more effective decision-making while saving time on tedious tasks like manual data entry – leading to greater efficiency overall!

What are the main features of a CRM Booking system

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) booking system is an essential tool for any business that wants to efficiently manage and nurture customer relationships. The main features of such a system include:

1. A powerful dashboard that provides deep insights into customer behaviour – including no-shows, cancellations, their booking history, and communication logs between you and the customer. This allows you to make informed decisions quickly which helps improve your business’s overall performance.

2. Automated email processing from within the dashboard so you never miss out on important messages from customers or prospective customers again. Your CRM booking system might also offer built-in templates for responding to incoming emails quickly and professionally so less time is needed manually crafting replies.

3. Segmentation capabilities that can categorise customers based on their preferences and interactions with your brand in order to run more personalised marketing campaigns such as targeted emails, SMS messages or push notifications direct to mobile devices depending on what segment they are in – this has been proven time and again as one of the most effective lead generation tactics available today!


4. Social media management tools that enable you to handle conversations with your customers across all platforms at once while keeping track of all interaction histories in one convenient location – great for building up trust with potential leads who may prefer using social networks instead of emailing or leaving voice messages like before!


Overall, having a CRM Booking System with these features will give any company the means by which they can better nurture relationships across multiple channels while achieving true operational efficiency through easy access to valuable data insights which helps reduce response times when dealing with customer inquiries or complaints, leading ultimately towards increased loyalty amongst current clients as well as boosting credibility amongst those who have yet take advantage of your services/products!

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