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Offer tickets, guest lists, tables and packages

Offer tickets, guest lists, tables and packages

Distribute your events to over 30 different publishers and millions of potential customers

Distribute your events to over 30 different publishers and millions of potential customers

Easy to integrate widgets for your website

Easy to integrate widgets for your website

Flexible payments. Offer your customers a ‘book now, pay later’ option

Flexible payments. Offer your customers a ‘book now, pay later’ option

Booked it Event Manager Booking & Ticketing App

Manage everything from your event manager app

Managing events, bookings, attendees and campaigns has never been easier.

Use the Booked it dashboard or event manager app (iOS & Android) to manage all aspects of your tickets and bookings system. Use the app to scan and approve attendees, plus, get real-time push notifications and statistics live on the night.

Simple but beautiful integrations

Make booking a seamless part of your overall brand experience for your customer. Booked it widgets can be integrated directly into your website, app and social media. From booking forms and event lists through to 3D maps- all at no extra cost.

Booking Events Tickets Online Website Integration
Booking a Table Online Form With 3D Map
Buying Tickets Online via Integration With Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp

Integrations with Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp

Enable your customers to buy tickets easily and quickly on-the-go via Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp. Take advantage of the platforms that are native to your customers.

Insightful guest profiles

Used alongside Booked it loyalty and CRM, you can get a full profile on all of your customers, understanding how many bookings they make, how much they spend in the venue, how frequently they attend and dwell time. This allows you to provide a personalised service and elevate customer experience from the moment they enter your venue.

Guest Profiles – Detailed Customer Quality Score, Spend, Number of Visits
Guest Profiles Popup – Customer Quality Score, Spend, Number of Visits

Full access management

Use the Booked it app to manage attendees as they arrive. For larger scale events, Booked it provide a range of hardware and devices from handheld scanners through to RFID wristbands.

Booked It App Ticket Scanner

Drive sales direct from Google

Booked it is an official Reserve with Google Partner, enabling your customers to buy tickets directly from your Google listing. Buying a ticket has never been so easy!

Why choose Booked it

More than just a ticketing solution

Automated birthday marketing

Automated birthday marketing

Send automatic emails and SMS four weeks before a customer's birthday.

Abandoned carts

Abandoned carts

If a customer leaves without completing the purchase, automatically send them an offer or reminder to get them across the line.

Referral links

Referral links

Create referral links for your customers and reward them for every sale.

Waiting list and resale

Waiting list and resale

Allow people to resale their tickets for face value and create a waiting list of eager customers.

Data, emails, SMS and push notifications

Data, emails, SMS and push notifications

Manage all of your data and campaigns in one place. Including automated remarketing and templates.

Facebook pixel retargeting

Facebook pixel retargeting

Add your Facebook pixel to your Booked it page and checkout, then retarget customers with ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook messenger integration

Facebook messenger integration

Encourage customers to subscribe to your Facebook messenger on checkout, and broadcast out to them with a 90% open rate.

Security and fraud prevention

Security and fraud prevention

Our secure payment system and fraud prevention methods protect both you and your customers.

24/7 customer service

24/7 customer service

Someone at the end of the line 24/7 for you, your staff, and your customers.

Full refund protection

Full refund protection

Customers can pay an extra fee to get a full refund if they can’t attend. All covered by us.

Printed & delivered tickets available

Printed & delivered tickets available

For VIP events add a premium approach and send printed tickets to their door. Great for driving social media engagement.



Allow customers to register in advance of general release to drive engagement and capture data.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a ticketing system do?

A ticketing system is a software platform that facilitates event organisers to sell tickets for their in-person, hybrid, virtual and online events. It offers several features that simplify the entire process of setting up a ticket sale:


Firstly, it provides the ability to embed a ticketing widget directly on an event organizer’s website or create a dedicated ticketing page. This helps make the purchasing process easier for event attendees as they can simply choose their desired tickets from the comfort of their own home.


The system also allows you to select different types of tickets such as early-bird, general admission and VIP, set pricing options, establish payment methods and even provide real-time sales performance data at any point in time. Moreover, there are typically seating chart functions where guests can choose specific seats before making any purchases.


Overall, an effective ticketing system is essential if you want to make your online events successful since it helps streamline every aspect needed within the selling process while providing knowledge analytics for promoters so they have more control over all aspects related to organising an event and offering great experiences for all its attendees.

What is the meaning of event ticketing?

Event ticketing is a process in which individuals purchase admission to an event. It’s the practice of selling tickets for events and making sure that those attending are properly identified, counted, and accounted for from the time they enter through security until they exit at the end of the event.


When buying a ticket to an event such as a sports competition, performing arts show or concert, you have access to one specific day and time slot or multiple days/events with season tickets. Prices may vary depending on seating locations within the venue as well as amenities associated with each ticket like food and drinks vouchers or souvenirs. When purchasing online you will often provide your contact information like name, email address and phone number in order to confirm your attendance upon arrival at the gate.


Event ticketing provides vital insight into who is attending an event by offering comprehensive demographic data such as age groups present, gender demographics or geographical regions represented by attendees. This data can be used alongside other marketing efforts such as advertising campaigns in order to determine their effectiveness when reaching out to potential attendees. In addition, this information helps organizers plan for future events allowing them more control over crowd management, concessions sales forecasts and staffing needs prior to knowing how many people are expected attendance-wise at any given time throughout an entire event cycle.


By having rigorous security protocols in place like scanning barcodes on tickets issued before entering a venue it eliminates instances of forged documents being presented at gates leading up to potentially fraudulent activity taking place around any given live performance – essentially making it harder for scalpers or black market vendors from reselling valid tickets thereby driving up demand prices unsustainably high levels far beyond what was initially intended by original organisers.


Overall Event Ticketing serves both consumers – helping them identify what their available options are in terms of admission while also providing venues/organizers with vital insight enabling better decision-making regarding future operations all while deterring activities related but not limited to fraudulent behavior that could potentially take place during these types of public gatherings if proper control measures were not enforced accordingly

Why is ticketing important for an event?

Ticketing is an essential component of any event, as it provides event organisers with the capability to effectively manage and organise their events. Event managers require a ticketing system to save time and energy while improving attendee experiences.


From streamlining operations to collecting valuable data and insights about attendees, an event ticketing system can help ensure that every aspect of the event planning process goes smoothly. It not only improves efficiency by allowing for automated processes such as reservations, check-ins, and customer service inquiries but also allows for more informed decisions about overall budgets, marketing spending, staffing requirements, food ordering systems — all of which contribute to a successful event experience.


An efficient ticketing system will also provide crucial information regarding attendance numbers and demographics in order to better understand who is attending your events so you can continue customising your services according to needs or trends. With this information in hand event planners have had much success using targeted marketing campaigns tailored specifically towards these new demographic insights resulting in increased revenues from higher attendance numbers just by having detailed ticketing input data pre-event day available for review / analysis.

Fundamentally speaking; when properly utilised a good ticketing system enables organisers/planners – big or small – the ability track revenue streams & profits as well as understand exactly how their efforts are paying off within the context of increasing attendee satisfaction & outreach metrics thus providing them with invaluable market feedback before deciding upon subsequent steps/events accordingly!


What our clients say about us

Tim Howard: Marketing Director at The Deltic Group

We see Booked it as a perfect partner due to its social community, innovative technology and large reach across the UK.

Tim Howard

Marketing Director at The Deltic Group
Stephen Sullivan: Head Promoter at Glitterbomb Events

We moved from Eventbrite to Booked it in 2019 and haven’t looked back. Simple to use, wider reach, great automation. It’s a no brainer.

Stephen Sullivan

Head Promoter at Glitterbomb Events
Dan Stone: General Manager at Notting Hill Arts Club

Booked it is by far the best ticketing solution we have ever used. Our events appear all over the web, we sell more tickets and automate a lot of our direct marketing.

Dan Stone

General Manager at Notting Hill Arts Club
Nathan Cable: Co-Founder at Party Hard Travel

We partnered with Booked it back in 2018 and they provide all of our technology to our 25,000 customers across 7 party resorts. From package and ticket sales through to RFID wristbands to track attendance in resort. It’s been a complete game changer for our business.

Nathan Cable

Co-Founder at Party Hard Travel
Simon Moppett: Director at Disco Bowl

Booked it built us a bespoke solution to handle bookings and lane management for our 8 sites across the country. The technology is great and their engaged audience has been fantastic to drive new customers through the door.

Simon Moppett

Director at Disco Bowl

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