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The best way to manage your bookings and reservations

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? The Booked it booking and reservation management system will help you drive and manage footfall, save time and increase revenue.

Booking systems for all types of businesses

Restaurants, festivals, leisure venues and more- we have a booking system that suits your needs

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Everything you need. All in one place

The complete solution to manage all your bookings and reservations

Mobile Phone Booking App to Scan Customer Tickets

Manage all bookings from the Booked it app

Check bookings, manage capacity and check guests in upon arrival. Scan the booking confirmation to see all information on the customer, ready to provide them with a first-class, personalised service.

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Reviews and Feedback Customer Ratings

Reviews & feedback

After a booking, trigger automated emails and messages to encourage feedback and reviews. Differentiate customers that have had a good experience from those that have had a poor one. Use negative feedback constructively to improve your business.

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Reserve a Booking Directly From Google Business Profile

Drive sales direct from Google

Booked it is an official Reserve with Google Partner, enabling your customers to buy tickets directly from your Google listing. Buying a ticket has never been so easy!

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More than just bookings and reservations

Additional tools and features to enhance customer experience and drive sales

Advance data capture

Advance data capture

Capture data from every customer that books.

Messenger and Whatsapp Integration

Messenger and Whatsapp Integration

Engage with your customers via Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp for enhanced customer service and increased bookings.

Birthday campaigns

Birthday campaigns

Run automated birthday marketing campaigns.

Facebook pixel retargetting

Facebook pixel retargetting

Add your Facebook pixel to your checkout page then retarget with ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Custom reporting

Custom reporting

Analytical reports enabling you to make informed strategic decisions.

Direct marketing

Direct marketing

Re-engage with your customers via email and SMS campaigns to drive more bookings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an online booking system?

An online booking system is a type of software that allows customers to book and pay for an activity or service through your website, mobile app or other online channels. This type of system can streamline the process for both customers and business owners, providing a convenient way to purchase products or services without having to leave their homes.


An online booking system works by allowing customers to select the date, time and/or product they’d like from within an easy-to-use interface. Once they’ve selected what they need, payment is then processed securely using either credit card, PayPal or another form of payment method. After the transaction has gone through successfully, a confirmation email will be sent out with all the necessary details included such as location and times etc.


The benefits of having an online booking system are plentiful – firstly it eliminates manual processing which saves valuable time on admin tasks while ensuring efficient customer service; secondly it reduces paper usage & printing costs; thirdly it increases automation & improves accuracy in bookings; fourthly there is improved marketing possibilities (for example targeted emails); fifthly businesses have access to richer customer data that can be used for useful analysis purposes; sixthly businesses benefit from cost savings due to no need for extra staff members solely dealing with orders etc.; seventhly it’s incredibly user friendly and makes life easier for both buyers & sellers!


Overall this means more satisfied customers who get what they want quickly at an affordable price as well as increased revenue opportunity since more people are likely to use the service due to its convenience factor compared with traditional methods such as over-the-phone ordering or physical store visits – ultimately resulting in higher profits!

Why do we need online booking system?

The need for online booking systems is becoming increasingly vital in order to succeed in today’s competitive business landscape. Having an online booking system allows potential visitors to book a service anytime they want, without having to wait for your working hours. This helps maximize sales because you are not limited by the time of day when potential customers reach out or when your office is open.


Furthermore, having an online booking system can help remove barriers that otherwise might prevent customers from making a reservation due to geographical distance and other practical constraints. Moreover, it gives clients greater convenience since there is no need for them to call ahead and check availability – they just have to go through the quick process of reserving their spot securely and conveniently with their credit card.


Online booking systems also provide great advantages when it comes to organization as well; it will save you time by eliminating manual scheduling tasks such as double-bookings or coordination individual appointments manually via email or over the phone – everything goes through one easy process which can be managed instantly from anywhere. This also means no more missed calls – all reservations happen digitally whenever someone visits your website!


Finally, having an online booking system has huge benefits on your bottom line; studies show that using an automated system increases conversions drastically since users get feedback about their request immediately after completing the form! All this adds up into more efficient management of resources such as staff members associated with customer service and sales teams who are then able allocate their time where its most valuable – engaging with existing customers/clients rather than constantly trying new leads in order be profitable!

What are the features of a booking system?

A booking system is a great way to streamline the reservation process and provide customers with an easy and convenient experience. It offers a wide range of features to handle bookings, customer enquiries, payments, availability calendars, real-time reservations and more. Here are some of the key features of an effective booking system:


1. Intuitive and Easy-to-use Interface – A user friendly interface allows for quick navigation through different sections of the booking system as well as enabling customers to easily make reservations online or via mobile devices. This helps to limit confusion while helping customers find what they are looking for quickly and without any issues.


2. Web Integration – An integrated web platform makes it easier to manage bookings online as well as allowing customers access from anywhere in the world at any time making it ideal for businesses who accept remote requests or offer long distance services like logistics or transportation companies.


3. Mobile Responsiveness – Booking systems should be built with mobile responsiveness in mind so that users can log into their accounts with tablets and smartphones from wherever they may be located on different occasions such as when travelling on business trips or even when out shopping etc… Adaptive layout designs also help accommodate different device sizes ensuring that everyone has access no matter what hardware they use at any given time!


4 . Availability Calendar Display – This feature allows setting up availability information about rooms/products within a specific timeframe ensuring that these can always be seen by potential guests/customers depending on when their holidays/needs are planned around! This also ensures that there is no confusion between dates available and those which have already been taken up by other parties so you always know exactly how many people you need accommodation facilities for etc…


5 . Enquiry Management – The enquiry management option lets your staff answer incoming requests in an organized manner without having to waste valuable time searching through emails one by one! By grouping customer enquiries according to priorities set within specific categories like VIPs, special needs/requests etc… this feature helps ensure smoother handling processes while dealing with all kinds of potential demands efficiently!


6 . Payment Links – Connecting payment gateways directly into your booking system allows both parties involved (customers & providers) confirm payments immediately after successful payments have been made whilst simultaneously providing secure payment transaction methods; something essential if you want customers coming back regularly instead feeling worried about whether their money will actually go where it’s supposed too each time they make purchases from your website(s).


7 . Real-time Booking And Confirmation – Implementing real-time booking capabilities means showing live (as opposed delayed updates) data regarding room occupancy levels throughout desired periods; something great if you want clients viewing accurate availabilities before confirming reservations! As soon as a visitor confirms his/her reservation then all required details including confirmation numbers will automatically be sent immediately directly from your booking system eliminating manual work associated with providing these extra steps every single time someone books anything via your site(s)!

What are the requirements of online booking?

Online booking systems can be a great tool for business owners, as they allow customers to quickly and easily book services or products online. In order to have a successful online booking system, there are several requirements that must be taken into consideration.


First, the system needs to offer various payment options such as credit cards, bank transfers, PayPal and more. This will make it easier for customers to book their purchases in a manner that is secure and convenient. Additionally, an inventory system should also be incorporated into the online booking platform so customers can easily determine which services are available at any given time.


The interface of the website should also be user-friendly and easy to navigate – this includes ensuring that all information regarding a purchase is always clearly visible onscreen. Furthermore, email customisation options may need to be included so customers can receive confirmation emails or reminders regarding their booking requests from you directly.


Additionally, integration with third-party software programs such as EPOS systems (Electronic Point of Sale) or rating portals could prove beneficial for both you and your customers when using an online booking system. These integrations allow customers to view ratings about the hotel/service they’re interested in before making their purchase decision – ultimately increasing customer satisfaction levels upon arriving at your establishment.


Finally, detailed reports should exist for sales analytics purposes so you can better track how many people are purchasing goods or services through your website along with voucher management features such as promo codes etc.. Last but not least – customer support services must always remain available in case users ever run into any issues while using your website for bookings!


What our clients say about us

Tim Howard: Marketing Director at The Deltic Group

We see Booked it as a perfect partner due to its social community, innovative technology and large reach across the UK.

Tim Howard

Marketing Director at The Deltic Group
Stephen Sullivan: Head Promoter at Glitterbomb Events

We moved from Eventbrite to Booked it in 2019 and haven’t looked back. Simple to use, wider reach, great automation. It’s a no brainer.

Stephen Sullivan

Head Promoter at Glitterbomb Events
Dan Stone: General Manager at Notting Hill Arts Club

Booked it is by far the best ticketing solution we have ever used. Our events appear all over the web, we sell more tickets and automate a lot of our direct marketing.

Dan Stone

General Manager at Notting Hill Arts Club
Nathan Cable: Co-Founder at Party Hard Travel

We partnered with Booked it back in 2018 and they provide all of our technology to our 25,000 customers across 7 party resorts. From package and ticket sales through to RFID wristbands to track attendance in resort. It’s been a complete game changer for our business.

Nathan Cable

Co-Founder at Party Hard Travel
Simon Moppett: Director at Disco Bowl

Booked it built us a bespoke solution to handle bookings and lane management for our 8 sites across the country. The technology is great and their engaged audience has been fantastic to drive new customers through the door.

Simon Moppett

Director at Disco Bowl

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  • List your venue.
  • Generate enquiries.
  • Capture data.
  • Bookings management software.
  • Send payment links.
  • Web integration.
  • Advanced reporting.


Booking Fee

Per paid transaction

  • Absorb this cost yourself or add onto the customer by way of a booking fee.
  • Weekly withdrawals.
  • All functionality listed above is included.
  • No setup costs or hidden extras.
  • Bespoke solutions available.

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