Allow your customers to order from their phone to their table

Minimise contact between staff and customers and make it easier than ever for your customers to place orders

Mobile App: Order Food Directly From Restaurant Table
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Customers can use the app or order directly from your website

Mobile ordering is the modern way of allowing your customers to order and pay, straight from their phone. Maybe you’d like customers to use the app to order, or maybe you’d like them to order straight from your website. Whichever option you prefer, Booked it technology makes this possible.

As well as helping your business to meet any government regulations for obtaining customer details for test and trace, our mobile ordering technology is convenient for customers, efficient for venues and simple to implement. Give us your menu, and we’ll do the rest!

Mobile App: Order Step By Step Process Restaurant Ordering Food and Drinks

Simple checkout

Your customer selects their table, chooses their food and drink and pays. Their card details are stored so they only need to enter them once. They can also use the re-order button to order the same round again.


Manage orders from your dashboard

You have access to your own dashboard to have behind the bar or in the kitchen. See orders come through in real time and mark them as complete once they have been actioned. You also have the ability to amend and refund orders too.

Managing restaurant orders from dashboard on mobile tablet display
Captured Customer Data, Name, Age, Email, Displayed on Laptop Application

Insightful marketing

Capturing customer details such as name, email, mobile number and DOB enable you to deliver insightful marketing campaigns. A treat on their birthday via email, a SMS special offer on their favourite food- with the right data, your campaigns can be targeted, useful and successful.


Fully integrated loyalty programme


Booked it loyalty has been proven to increase spend by 13%. How? Your customers earn points for every £1 they spend, with rewards on offer when they reach a set number of points. As well as driving loyalty, customers tend to spent extra to reach their next reward. With new regulations and a highly competitive market for hospitality and leisure, loyalty is paramount to business success.   

Fully integrated loyalty programme from Mobile Phone to Laptop Application
Daily Finances Displayed on iPad Application

Fast payouts 

Booked it make a daily payment at midday. This includes all of your takings for the previous 24 hours. For example, all of your takings from Saturday will be processed at midday on Sunday.


Cost effective pricing

Forget mammoth set up fees and huge fees per transaction, there are no set up costs at all with Booked it and our fee is 1.5% + 20p per transaction. Either absorb this cost as a business or add it to your customer’s bill by way of a transaction fee. For example, the transaction fee for your customer on a £20 order would be


Allow collection points

Allow your customers to place orders and collect from the bar or another collection point. Increase the efficiency of your bar and drive extra revenue by reducing queue times. Trigger SMS, email and push notifications to let the customers know when their order is ready.

Customer Order Collection Point Displayed on Mobile Phone
Example of bespoke styling and branding for a Venue Booking Application

Bespoke design and branding 

If you want to go bespoke with styling and branding
to suit your venue, Booked it can help. Choose from a branded app, or integration into your website to direct customers to your own channels. The booking journey and process for your customer remains the same, but making your new booking and ordering processes branded can enhance their overall customer


Free POS display 

When you join Booked it, we’ll provide free POS displays to make it even easier for your customers to understand your new booking system. Branded to suit your venue, these handy POS displays direct customers to download the app or visit your web page to access the menu and pay. We can even add a QR code to make the process even simpler. 

POS Point of Sale Advertising Display featured QR Code
Restaurant Kitchen Printer For Managing Food Orders

Integrate with your kitchen printer

If you operate your kitchen from a printer we can integrate your dashboard to your printer. This means any order that goes through to your dashboard can also be sent to your printer, making it easier to manage orders between kitchen staff and front of house.

Simple Pricing

1.5% + 20p

Per Transaction

  • Choose to absorb yourself or add onto the customer.
  • No contracts.
  • No set up fees.
  • Set up within 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is mobile ordering system?

The mobile ordering system is an increasingly popular trend in the restaurant and cafe industry. This system allows restaurants, cafes and takeouts to accept orders and payments from afar through a mobile app or website. The system works by customers selecting their desired food items from the online menu, paying for them using payment methods such as debit/credit cards, PayPal or Apple Pay, and then receiving order updates when their meal is ready for pickup or delivery. This also helps streamline the process of customer service operations such as taking orders ahead of time and reducing wait times at peak hours.


Mobile ordering systems offer many advantages over traditional ordering methods: they’re fast, convenient and secure; they can provide real-time updates on order status; they can be used on any device with internet access; they support multiple payment options so customers have more choice; and finally, they help increase efficiency within a restaurant’s ordering process. Additionally, this technology also supports loyalty programs where customers can earn reward points for purchases which encourages repeat business.


All in all, this type of system offers personalized experiences like no other form of traditional dining experience meaning more satisfied customers overall!

What are the advantages of mobile ordering?

Mobile ordering can be an incredibly beneficial tool for both customers and businesses alike. One of the primary advantages of mobile ordering is improved customer experience. With the ability to order and pay from their own device, customers have more control over their entire ordering process – they can select exactly what they want, customize their order if needed, make payments quickly and easily on a secure platform, and even track delivery or pick up times depending upon the service available. This results in added convenience as well as peace of mind knowing that all transactions are safely secured on a reliable platform.


In addition to providing a better customer experience overall, mobile ordering also offers benefits to businesses such as streamlined operations, increased sales volume due to better accessibility for customers, reduced labour costs by decreasing wait time for orders being taken manually at traditional restaurants and bars, lower overhead costs associated with inventory tracking systems thanks to digitised information readily accessible online enabled through mobile ordering services; not only this but also data-capturing capabilities including geographical locations which many companies use in targeted marketing campaigns which can help increase profits further. Mobile payment solutions have already proved popular around the world too – as all payments are made via credit cards or bank accounts from users’ trusted devices (smartphones/tablets), there’s no need for cash handling either!


Overall it goes without saying that if properly implemented into business strategies then mobile ordering should be seen as an invaluable asset – improving user satisfaction while simultaneously benefitting bottom lines across various industries worldwide.

Are mobile orders faster?

Yes, mobile orders are generally faster than any other ordering method. This is because all you have to do when it comes to a mobile order is pick up your order at the designated area. You don’t even have to wait in line and cash out! There’s no need to engage with a cashier or wait for them to complete the transaction. This saves everybody time – not just yourself – since there will be fewer people in line due to how quickly mobile orders can be completed.


Another perk of using mobile ordering is that your food may arrive quicker at tables if most of the orders are done through apps rather than traditional methods like waiting in line and speaking with a cashier. If restaurants receive multiple orders simultaneously, servers must prioritise those placed through apps; thus, customers who order on their phones can expect their food faster on certain occasions.


Overall, opting for phone-in orders over traditional ones could help shorten wait times as well as provide you with more convenience when placing an order quickly before heading inside the restaurant building or having it delivered directly from its establishment!


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