Case Study

Riverside Bowl

Riverside Bowl in Wallasey, Merseyside in an indoor entertainment and leisure outlet. It offers bowling, laser quest, an arcade, and a whole host of party packages to a wide variety of customers. Riverside Bowl is hugely popular amongst children, teenagers, and parents, particularly as a venue for birthday parties and in the run up to Christmas. They also have a fully licensed café-bar including a range of tasty treats and tipples for all ages.

The problem
Even before the coronavirus pandemic, it was difficult to use the facilities available at Riverside Bowl without booking in advance. Bowling venues such as Riverside usually implement an advance booking system as it allows staff adequate forewarning to prepare equipment such as lanes, shoes, and bowling balls. In the wake of the pandemic, bookings also meant that staff had enough time to sanitise the designated area for each separate group.
However, despite their perceived reliance on such an approach, their booking system left much to be desired. They didn’t have a complete booking system; instead, they took all their bookings via an online inquiries portal. This became confusing for both customers and staff. It meant that the venue experienced a large quantity of no-shows. Furthermore, the online inquiries portal experienced numerous technical difficulties during busy periods such as the weekend and school holidays. This led to many customers being unable to book a slot in the first place, and so finding similar entertainment elsewhere – usually at one of Riverside’s competitors.

How we solved it
Simply by switching from an online inquiries portal to the Booked it online bookings software, Riverside Bowl were able to dramatically reduce the number of failed bookings and no-shows they experienced on an almost daily basis. Furthermore, the lack of booking system meant that they failed to provide customers with a mobile ordering system for food, drinks, and the arcade area. The Booked it mobile ordering app has proved very popular at the venue, allowing customers to access their vast array of food and drink without having to get up and mix with other groups. Riverside Bowl has taken services including on the Booked it booking system, mobile ordering, marketing, and CRM tools. By taking on these services, Riverside Bowl has managed to reduce customer no-shows by 18% and increase overall bookings by 25%.

The case of Riverside Bowl shows that the Booked it mobile ordering system and online booking software has had a significant impact on the number of customers Riverside Bowl can accommodate. It proves that, simply by improving the technology available within an entertainment and leisure outlet such as Riverside, one can increase customer footfall, thereby increasing profits within the business. Furthermore, this has a significantly impact on the way customers perceive Riverside Bowl, and are generally more satisfied by the experience and service they receive. By taking on our software tools, Riverside Bowl are no longer experiencing the issues that inhibited them previously.

  • Date November 11 2021
  • Client Name Riverside Bowl
  • Industry Bowling