Why every hospitality venue should use a mobile ordering app

Mobile App: Order Step By Step Process Restaurant Ordering Food and Drinks

Lockdowns, test and trace and a curfew for nights out to end by 10pm. No-one could have predicted what 2020 looks like for the hospitality industry. But for all of the changes wreaked on the sector, there have been a lot of positives too. And the main one is that 2020 has catapulted the hospitality sector to the forefront of technology with mobile ordering apps, solving a lot of problems for both venue and customer. Here are 6 for starters:

Queuing at the bar

Customer three deep at the bar, wafting their twenties around to get the attention of bar staff, and an understaffed team trying to get the orders in fairly. With mobile ordering, queuing can join the ranks of cassette tapes, perms and hugs! Customers order from their table which is more convenient for them and easier for staff to manage and process orders.

Powerful data led marketing

Ah yes, the database, you set it up with the best intentions and left it to linger well past its best before date. Data is only useful to venues if it’s up to date, and marketing is only useful to customers if it’s insightful and relevant. With a mobile ordering app, capturing data like name, email, mobile number, spending habits and favourite food and drink is quick and simple. And customers get offers that they actually want to use.


Remember those staff training sessions when everyone got taught how to upsell effectively, and they did too, for about a week. In the old days, upselling was something you had to rely on staff to do but in the modern hospitality venue, your mobile ordering app does it all for you. Double up for £1 or upgrade from regular fries to sweet potato; get your upsell offers on the app and let customers know about them when they order. Less awkward for staff, and easier for customers.

Easy orders, more transactions 

Time for another round or pudding, finding out what everyone wants only to get to the bar and, what was it Dave wanted again? Then you have bar staff waiting patiently whilst the customer tries to dredge up the memory or runs back to the table, when they’ve got a million other tasks they should be doing. Mobile ordering gets rid of all that. Ordering is easy and that ups the amount of transactions for your hospitality venue.

Loyalty programmes

In 2020, customer purchasing habits in hospitality changed forever. Staying in became the new going out and competition for customers got fiercer than ever. But customers still like familiarity and they still want to visit their favourite pubs, restaurants and venues. And with a mobile ordering app, you can give them an even greater incentive to make that visit. Drive repeat business and reward your customers with a loyalty programme.

Minimising contact

There was a time when venues wanted to increase customer to staff interaction as part of the customer experience. In the covid age, venues need to do the opposite and minimise that contact as much as possible. Actually, customers are responding well to the changes and they appreciate the efforts made by venues to make eating and drinking out a safer experience for all. With a mobile ordering app, contact is kept purely to the delivery of food and drink to the table.


These are just some of the reasons that every hospitality venue should use a mobile ordering app. Find out how a mobile ordering app can transform your venue today.

Outside View of the Bare Brew Bar and Restaurant

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Mobile App: Order Step By Step Process Restaurant Ordering Food and Drinks

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