5 reasons to allow fans to order from their seat

From the Los Angeles Dodgers to the AT&T Center in Texas, US sporting stadiums are enhancing the game-day experience by introducing the ability for fans to place their food and drink order right from their seat. This mobile ordering technology is part of the drive to bring ‘on-demand’ to the stadium experience, and it’s available for UK sporting stadiums and racecourses too. Here are 5 reasons to get your venue on board with mobile ordering.

1. Eliminates the ‘pain’. When fans are watching the match or the game, they fancy a drink and something to eat, but what they don’t fancy is the queue they’ll have to stand in. Every fan goes through this internal reward vs. pain analyses each time they debate getting food or drink. In most cases the perceived ‘pain’ outweighs the reward and they stay where they are. With mobile ordering, they can order what they want from the comfort of their seat, and collect at a pre assigned time and order point, minimising the pain considerably.

2. Reduces queue time. The reason queues build up at stadiums is the time it takes for customers to choose what they want, tell the staff member their order, pay, and then wait for their food to be prepared. With mobile ordering, all four of these time-sapping activities can be eliminated, reducing queues to the bare minimum needed for customers to collect their food, making it safer for everyone. You could even deliver directly to their seat.

3. Upselling is a breeze. When a customer has to join a regular queue to get their food and drink, their priority is to get what they need and get back to their seat so they don’t miss the action. Your staff trying to upsell is a delaying tactic. When customers can order from their seat though, they can order on their terms, taking the time to see what they want and taking advantage of offers. Go large on the fries for £1, 2 for 1 on snacks, double up for £3- you can bet they’ll be all over that!

4. It’s customer friendly. Booked it mobile ordering works straight from your website or app. When your customer wants to order, they see how using the free POS materials (the back of the seat is a great place in stadiums), either scanning the QR code or going onto your website to place their order. Best of all, their order details are saved, so if they want the same again, it’s as easy as a few clicks.

5. Use data for real insights. Every time your customer orders, they’re giving you valuable information about them, their preferences and how you can get in touch with them. With their consent, and using Booked it’s fully GDPR compliant mobile ordering technology, you can use this data to drive your marketing with insightful campaigns that are relevant to your customers, from a birthday treat to a SMS offer on their favourite food. The best offers are relevant and useful, and with Booked it, your campaigns can be both.