Increase your brand exposure

Influencers are the future of marketing. We have over 1,200 influencers ready to advertise your venues and events, in a cost-effective, easy-to-use platform.

Why choose influencers to advertise your venue?

Targeted reach

Instead of simply hoping that your marketing strategies reach the intended audience, hire individuals that your chosen demographic are proven to follow, listen to, and engage with on a daily basis on Instagram.

Great value for money

We have influencers at both ends of the spectrum, from regional micro-influencers to national public figures with 50,000+ followers. This means we can find something for you, no matter your needs or your budget.

Real people

It’s so much easier to promote your brand when you have ambassadors that are relatable to your target audience. That’s why influencer marketing works so well; your customers see themselves in the people they follow, and you can capitalise on that familiarity.

Create hyper-localised campaigns

There’s no point sending emails off into cyber space to subscribers based In London or Oxford, when your business is based in Leeds. The unique system we’ve created will supply you with influencers that live in your local area, so you can find customers that are likely to frequent your venue on a regular basis. It’s much easier to increase footfall in your venue when you’re advertising to people that are familiar with your local area, using influencers that also live in and are familiar with your city.

Hyper localized campaigns
influencer user friendly

User-friendly platform

We’ve created a ground-breaking platform that allows you to easily filter, sort, and segment influencers based on their personal brand, number of followers, and the types of venues they frequent. Using our platform, we act as an intermediary through which you can reach out and negotiate with potential collaborators in order to implement sleek, high-quality endorsements from 1,200+ influencers.

At your fingertips

Through our platform, you can be introduced to influencers with a huge following – upwards of 50,000. This can elevate your brand beyond the ordinary, lift your brand prospects above your usual local target market, and help your business to realise its full potential. In a world where social media dominates, the followers we can supply you with are celebrities, and their endorsements can help grow your brand and your revenue.

 influencer at your fingertips