How to make the most of the four-day bank holiday

At the end of this week, the Queen will be celebrating her Platinum Jubilee. This is an historic occasion, as Elizabeth II is the United Kingdom and Commonwealth’s longest-reigning monarch. If you’re wondering why that should concern you, you’ll be happy to know that to commemorate this unprecedented situation, we’re all getting an extra bank holiday! This means that we will all be basking in the glow of a four-day weekend at the end of this week. If that’s not enough to celebrate our Queen, then I don’t know what is.

The four-day bank holiday weekend means that things are going to be pretty hectic in terms of activities and entertainment. A four-day bank holiday weekend means that hospitality and leisure venues are going to be absolutely packed, with everybody wanting to take advantage of the extended weekend, and (fingers crossed!) some sunshine. If you’re starting to panic about your long weekend plans (or lack thereof), worry not. This is what we do best at Booked it – we’ve compiled a list of all our favourite activities and venues, to hopefully give you a few recommendations and inspiration for fun ways to fill up your calendar this bank holiday.

  1. Go bowling

Bowling is having something of a revival now, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s fun, everyone can get involved, and you can have plenty of refreshments whilst doing it! Plus, as bowling mostly happens inside, it’s the perfect activity if the weather isn’t ideal (i.e. rain). There are plenty of novelty bowling alleys, each with a different theme and vibe. Some tap into their retro routes with a 50s style diner and lanes, and others go for a more underground, disco décor. We have partnerships with many bowling alleys at Booked it – our friends over at Disco Bowl have created the perfect party atmosphere for the bank holiday weekend, whilst Riverside Bowl is the perfect venue for all your friends and family!

2. Get outside

As long as the skies are clear, everybody is going to want to be outside in the fresh air. Whether you’re heading to the park, to the coastline, or even just to your local beer garden, there’s so many possibilities if you just step outside your front door. If you fancy an ice cold drink in a beer garden, we recommend you book ahead. Unfortunately, everybody is going to have the same idea as you. On the plus side, our booking software is so easy to use that we’re sure you’ll find a table at any of the venues we work with!

3. Go clubbing

All you party people are probably just excited about the prospect of having two extra days to go out all night dancing (and two extra days to recover from all that dancing). Clubbing is a great way to have fun and support your local nightlife communities. We have our roots in the nightlife industry, and we still look after some of the country’s most well-loved venues. Take Infernos, for instance. The famous south London nightclub has seen a lot over the years, and it’s still going strong. Using our Licklist app, you can book tickets, buy drinks, and even collect points to earn rewards! Plus, our expert photographers are on hand to make sure you have a night you’ll never forget.

4. Activity centres

Why not do something different this bank holiday, and try not a new sport or activity? There are so many activities to choose from, and luckily you’ve got four days to pack as much in as possible. From swimming to rock climbing, soft play centres and laser tag, there’s something for everybody. If you’ve spent enough time inside over the last few years to last a lifetime, why not get outside instead? With outdoor swimming, karting, camping, and even axe throwing (which thanks to Box Park, is having its moment) there’s a million and one things to keep all the friends and family entertained.

5. Events

There are so many events planned for the bank holiday and the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee across the UK, so why not get involved? From the beginning of the festival season to street food festivals, to galas and horse racing, a four day weekend is the perfect opportunity to get out there and do something different. From the Chelmsford City Racecourse to the Victoria Warehouse, we have a vast variety of event spaces at Booked it for you to choose from.

Our venues are ready for anything the long weekend can throw at them… Have the best four-day bank holiday with Booked it!

Words by Rebecca Clayton