Case Study

Infernos Club: Mobile Ordering and Ticketing Service

Infernos is a nightclub in the beating heart of Clapham High Street that sees over 2000 people through its doors every weekend. Over the years, it has become infamous for its 1980’s vibe, its unpretentious music choices, and for the likes of Margot Robbie frequenting the venue. With a large dancefloor, novelty nights, and newly opened karaoke rooms, Inferno’s is a popular and multi-faceted venue.

The problem
Infernos is a particularly busy venue, and queues outside are often large. With so many people trying to gain entry after 11pm, software that is able to comfortably accommodate a large number of people is an absolute must. However, before the pandemic Infernos was lagging behind in terms of the software it offered its customers both before and upon entering the nightclub. Infernos has always been a club that mostly accepts people on the door, and whilst that is one of the things customers like so much about the venue, it is indicative of the lack of technology at the venue. Their online presence left much to be desired, and the absence of an app through which customers were able to interact with staff, order drinks, and gain loyalty points, meant that the venue was rapidly becoming outdated.

How we solved it
We recognised the need for a mobile app within the venue, as we thought that this would allow customers to communicate with staff more easily, and vice versa. We knew how much a mobile ordering app would appeal to customers, and so we implemented one upon the reopening of the venue earlier this year. The app made it into the top 100 on the Apple App Store in its first week on the Entertainment chart. This is a testament both to the quality and necessity of the app, and Infernos’ undeniable popularity.
By pushing customers to use the Licklist app (our app that specialises in nightlife) it has allowed the venue to push events and promotions directly into their customers hands – this has led to a far greater uptake from customers. There has been an increased pre ticket purchase increase of over 20%. Furthermore, by allowing customers to order drinks from their phone at their table or karaoke booth, efficiency has been greatly improved, all whilst complying with the governments’ social distancing guidelines. Infernos uses our services for their tickets, bookings, CRM, loyalty scheme, mobile ordering system, and the Licklist app.

As you can see, our mobile ordering and ticketing service and has had a significant impact on the way Infernos operates. The system we offer complements the multi-faceted nature of Infernos’ business model, and has allowed them to continue offering their customers the dynamic experience they have come to expect from the long-standing and much-loved venue, whether They are in the karaoke rooms or the club dancefloor.

  • Date November 11 2021
  • Client Name Infernos
  • Industry Nightclub
  • Stats 20% increase in pre-order tickets